About Us

For those of you that are considering purchasing scoreboards: My name is David E. Hoefer, and I am the founder and CEO of LoveOneTM Scoreboards, Inc. I want to thank you for considering purchasing LoveOneTM products. In 1998, I personally designed, engineered, and manufactured the first LoveOneTM tennis scoreboard in a garage in Naples, Florida. Initially, I sold it locally. Today, in 2014, LoveOneTM boards are sold in six different countries including Europe, and it has expanded its product line to include bocce boards as well as a variety of accessories. Since LoveOne’sTM inception my objective has been to set the standard for the quality and functionality of tennis and bocce scoreboards. Over the past sixteen years, the company has accomplished that objective, and continues to raise the bar. We have never had to replace a board, and I am proud to say that LoveOneTM is widely recognized for excellence. All this has been achieved without any advertising other than our website. LoveOne is a family business, and each LoveOneTM board is made in America, using American materials, and the direct oversight of a family member. Even as we have grown, we have maintained a personal approach to production and quality control. However, because LoveOneTM boards have been so well received, companies focused on mass production and bulk sales have begun marketing similar products. LoveOneTM does not mass produce its boards, nor does it ever intend to. We manufacture high-end products for customers, like you, who want the very best. As you consider purchasing scoreboards, I hope that you will keep the integrity of LoveOneTM products in mind. Only boards and accessories that bear the LoveOneTM trademark are guaranteed to be authentic. Sincerely, David E. Hoefer