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We are committed to bringing you the highest quality scorekeepers on the market today. Whether you need a scorekeeper for you neigborhood, club, or college, our heavy duty tennis scorekeepers are one for you. Our scorekeepers are made out of heavy duty plastic that is built to last.

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New Tennis Color Options

Best Tennis Scorekeepers

Tennis Scorekeeper


Manufactured from high quality polymer plastic that is built to last. Scores for both teams are easy to read from a distance, and the board fastens easily to all types of net posts. 8" wide x 30" high x 1/2" thickness. Indicators are 2" in diameter. It scores: 2-out-of-3 sets, 8 game pro set for juniors & 10 Point tie-breakers (Mounting Bracket & Indicators Included).

Color Options


Extra Tennis Indicator

$25.00 a piece

Made using marine grade plastic and held using stainless steel nails that will not rust.

Green Yellow Blue Red



Easily attaches to scoreboards. Great for tournaments, round robins, or any other event.

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Scoreboard Storage Holder


Storage unit for either tennis or bocce scoreboards. Holds up to 8 boards at a time.

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Extra Bocce Indicators


Made with marine grade plastic and held using stainless steal nails that do not rust.

Green Red

Mounting Bracket


Aluminum post with stainless steal hose clamps that attaches board to net post.

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Custom Plaques

• Full Color/Double Sided
• Maximum Size 12"W x 6"H
• Requires a High Resolution .jpg of Logo
• We Design Plaque Size to Accommodate the Logo
• Customer Approves Final Design
• Custom Orders Only!
• Allow Extra Time for Delivery
***Only Sold in Conjunction With New Board Order***